Delve into the Delta team: Bill Northcott

In this months' series of our 'Delve into the Delta team' blogs, we caught up with Bill Northcott, to find out a little more about his role as a Security Officer at Delta Security and why he joined the team.

What is your job title?

I’m a Mobile Security Response Officer, covering Sussex and Surrey

What sort of duties do you have at work?

My role is quite varied, I patrol different sites and perform a locking and unlocking service at a number of client buildings. I also respond to intruder and fire alarms as and when required.

What’s the most exciting and challenging part of your job?

You can never predict what will happen, every night shift is different! I find the most challenging part of my role is liaising with people whereby English isn’t their first language, however on the plus side, I’m now bilingual! 

Tell us a time you have gone above and beyond to help a client:

In my previous role, working as a door supervisor at a local pub, a lady fell over coming out of the doorway and hit her face.  I ran over to check she was ok, and when she stood up, it was apparent there were some serious injuries to her face. I automatically went into first aid mode and my colleague called for an ambulance but was told there was a 2-hour wait. 

The lady and her friend wanted to make their own way to A&E, but I noticed the bone from her eye socket was touching her eye! I made an eye bridge, to ensure she was safe to travel and we later received a thank you from A&E doctor for saving the lady's eye.

Why did you join Delta Security Management?

I joined Delta as they look after their clients and go above and beyond their call of duty, one like one big family. I’ve worked for other companies that don’t look after their clients or staff, so it’s a breath of fresh air at Delta.