Delve into the Delta team: Kathy Rogers

In the first of our ‘Delve into the Delta team’ blog, we caught up with Kathy, in Operations Support to find out a little more about her role at Delta Security Management.

What is your job title?          

I work as ‘Operations Support’ for the Delta team

What sort of duties do you have at work?

I look after administration, sales, and various support functions for the team

What’s the most exciting and challenging part of your job?

Learning about the industry, as this is all new to me, however, I love the challenge!

Tell us a time you have gone above and beyond to help a client:

Whilst working for the Maritime Charity, I was contacted by a seafarer whose mother was dying and could not get back to see her from the ship he was working on. I spoke to the Director, and we applied for funding for him to pay for flights, which was approved. Within 72 hours the money was in his account, and he was on a plane. He made it on time and was so grateful for the effort that was put into get him there.

In all my jobs I have put 100% in to help my customers or clients. I am a great believer in people buying people. If you have a good relationship and look after them, they will, in turn, be loyal to you whatever the situation. I standby that always.

Why did you join Delta Security Management?

I was ready for a new challenge, and a job that would push my skills and the Delta opportunity came at just the right time, especially when the world is crazy now. I was furloughed from my last job and then made redundant and wasn’t sure what I was going to do… they say one door closes and another one opens, and it certainly did for me!