Vacant Property Security Solutions

Empty Commercial properties are at greater risk than ever...


With changes in the law in 2012 to make trespassing on Residential properties with the intention of living there (squatting) a criminal offence, attention has turned to commercial properties. They are not covered by this change in the law.

This has led to a rise in the number of empty commercial properties being targetted for unauthorised occupation. Add to this risk the need to inspect your empty property regularly to ensure it's ongoing security and to minimise direct and third-party insurance claims in the event of a burst water pipe,  electrical fault, fire, stripping of valuable materials and vandalism then it's a smart choice to choose Delta to keep your empty property safe and secure. We have a number of options!



Property Inspections:

We attend your property and conduct a full and thorough inspection. We will:

  • Ensure all doors and windows are intact and secure

  • Identify any fire hazards

  • Check for rodent infestation

  • Take meter readings

  • Ensure heating/pipework/cylinders are intact 

  • Ensure toilets and showers are not leaking

  • Check for damp or evidence of leaks

  • Confirm that any on-site security or fire systems are active and fault free

  • Provide a detailed inspection report promptly upon completion of these checks

  • Inspections can be provided weekly, fortnightly or monthly as required to preserve insurance cover


If a regular inspection doesn't quite provide the peace of mind that you need, then consider our V.P.Eye service which offers a number of levels of extra security:


V.P.Eye Bronze:

  • Supply of our V.P.Eye stand-alone alarm and CCTV camera to your property. 

  • Full monitoring of the alarm and camera 24 hours a day.

  • We'll inform you of any and all activations from the property and any related CCTV footage


V.P.Eye Silver:

  • As V.P.Eye Bronze, but our patrol and response unit will attend any activations at the property, saving you the disturbance and hassle.


V.P.Eye Gold:

  • As V.P.Eye Silver but with a thorough weekly inspection of the property included as well.


V.P.Eye Platinum:

  • As V.P.Eye Gold but with 4 randomly timed night patrols to the property each week to deter any opportunist criminal elements in the area. Full 'proof of delivery' is provided.


Get in touch with our friendly and knowledgable team today and start protecting your empty property with the industry professionals. Call 0333 4567 575 or email

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