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As an experienced, highly trained security company, Delta are well-equipped to provide professional security to businesses in Haywards Heath. We provide a range of affordable security services to help protect your commercial property, your staff and your customers, to ensure your reputation and property remains intact. From static security guarding and keyholding to burglar alarm response, mobile security patrols and school security, we can help your premises stay safe and secure.

Security Guarding In Haywards Heath

Making sure your commercial property is secure from theft or vandalism is the utmost priority. The presence of security guards at your business premises prevents crime, maintains security and can be of assistance to staff and customers. Our Security Guarding services in Hayward Heath are affordable and flexible. We have a team of skilled, qualified security guards who will work to meet the specific demands of your business and industry, from carrying out ID and vehicle checks to patrolling the premises and monitoring CCTV cameras. We have experience of working with a range of sectors, from hospitality to retail, so whether you’re operating a construction site, managing offices on Milton Road or running a retail space in The Orchards shopping centre, we can keep the space safe and secure.

Business Keyholding & Response

Don’t worry about out of hours alarms bothering you or your team – with our Business Keyholding and Response services, you can be sure that any alarm activations will be handled professionally and efficiently. You’ll have complete peace of mind that any stock or equipment will be kept securely locked away, and that whatever the time of day or night, our team will be available 365 days a year to provide a swift response service. We provide detailed reports for any attendance to your premises, and we’ll liaise with emergency services in the event of an incident. Our staff adhere to B.S. 7984-1 guidelines and are licensed by the Security Industry Authority, so you can be sure your Haywards Heath property is in safe hands.

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile Security Patrols are an effective affordable way to keep your premises protected at the most vulnerable times. Many businesses require a more flexible security solution, often at night or on weekends when the business is unstaffed. With our Mobile Security Patrol services, potential intruders and criminals will be deterred from attempting access to your property. Our team operate all over the Haywards Heath area and will carry out a comprehensive check of your premises to provide a cost-effective alternative to full-time security guarding that may not be affordable or necessary for your needs. If we spot any potential security issues, they’ll be brought to your attention immediately, and we’ll place swipeable RFID tags on any vulnerable points that we’ve checked so you’re always aware of when we’ve attended and at what time. For added peace of mind, you also have the option of our keyholding service to ensure your property is locked and unlocked safely and securely every day.

School Security Services

Whatever age group you’re responsible for, from Bolnore Village Primary and Oathall Community College to Ardingly College, school protection is important. Not only do you have a duty of care to the students but also to your staff. With our School Security and Protection services, you can be confident that the premises are secure. We offer burglar and fire alarm response services, as well as keyholding services and SelectaDNA equipment marking to deter thieves from taking essential school property. We have over 25 years’ experience safeguarding schools and education facilities, so you can rest assured that your school will be protected.

Whether you need someone physically patrolling the space, monitoring CCTV footage or carrying out business keyholding and response tasks, our team can provide a professional service. To find out more about how your Haywards Heath business can benefit from additional security protection, contact Delta today.

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