Ultimate Small Business Security Package

Designed specifically for small Businesses who thought that a professional security service was way out of their budget and only suitable for large corporations.

DNA Asset &
Equipment Marking

Protect your vital business equipment and stock with our forensic marking service, utilising SelectaDNA. SelectaDNA uses synthetic DNA, UV markers and microdots to fully protect items from theft.

DIY packages or a full marking and recording service is available.

Using SelectaDNA to mark your property is the ultimate theft and burglary deterrent and a huge part of small business security.

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Keyholding, Burglar &
Fire Alarm Response

Protect your premises, safeguard stock and equipment and keep staff out of danger and yawn free!

By holding a set of premises keys, we provide an ultra swift response to intruder and fire alarm activations 24/7 365 days a year.

We have dedicated professional and experienced response teams. Complete peace of mind that your business is in safe, secure hands out of hours.

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Nightime & Weekend
Mobile Security Patrols

Protect your premises after dark and at weekends with an effective random security presence.

Provides a failsafe check of premises vulnerable areas and security weak points such as windows, doors, gates and fences.

Effectively disrupt and deter any opportunist or watching criminal elements in the vicinity with our highly visible, professional and experienced patrol team.

Full 'proof of delivery' of patrols provided through our patrol software. A fantastic and versatile out of hours security solution.

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Premises Unlocking &
Lock up Services

Protect your key staff by removing them from carrying out these potentially vulnerable actions.

Remove the impact of having to plan around staff sickness, lateness and holiday time.

Can be utilised easily to provide weekend or out of hours attendance to allow access to contractors, staff working overtime, emergency plumber etc.

Provides a failsafe check of premises vulnerable areas and security weak points such as windows, doors, gates and fences when locking up.

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Our Security Services, Simplified

Security Guarding

In demand and protecting a wide range of assignments across Sussex and Surrey. Our professional, well trained and highly effective team are ready to protect your business.

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Keyholding & Response

Using your staff to attend out of hours alarm activations can be a risky business. Our Keyholding and Response service helps you and your team to sleep better at night.

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Mobile Patrol

Disrupt and deter criminal elements who may target your business.Our mobile patrols provide cost effective peace of mind.

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School Protection

Ensuring the greatest levels of security to schools across
Surrey and Sussex, using our 25 years experience in security services.

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