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Did you know that 93% of UK police forces have used SelectaDNA to reduce crime?

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You may not be familiar with SelectaDNA marking, but criminals are. So much so that demonstrating your property is protected by SelectaDNA makes it far less likely to be stolen.

What is SelectaDNA?

SelectaDNA gives us the opportunity to mark your property, meaning, if stolen, it can be identified and traced back to you. Not only does SelectaDNA enable buyers to check if merchandise has been illegally sourced, but it vastly increases the chances of you having your property returned to you.


What is SelectaDNA?

Police forces and security services across Sussex, including Delta, are using SelectaDNA technology to deter theft. Including warehouse theft and retail burglary. Furthermore, property markers are also being used to protect school equipment from theft.

Delta Security Services provide a full security service for commercial premises in Sussex, including in Crawley, Brighton and Burgess Hill. See all the areas we cover.

Offering security guarding, keyholding and response, mobile patrol and school protection, SelectaDNA marking enables us to further protect your business or school and your most valuable assets. The best defence against crime is always prevention and DNA marking is highly effective as a deterrent against burglary. Delta security are dedicated to ‘smarter security’. Because businesses can’t always afford to have a team patrol their premises at all times, Delta are able to incorporate SelectaDNA protection for your stock and essential equipment.

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How Does DNA Property Marking Work?

DNAProperty Marking 

Combining DNA coding with microdot technology, SelectaDNA enables you to mark your equipment in one of several ways. 

Using a SelectaDNA Home Kit you, or we, may mark your property with SelectaDNA liquid or spray. Once dry this is virtually undetectable and can only be seen under UV light. 

The home kit can be used to mark technology and any valuable items at risk of theft. Including school equipment and hospital equipment, as well as business and personal assets. 

Deter Thieves With Warning Signage

It is important to use signage to signal to potential thieves that your items are protected.

Home forensic property marking kits all come with tamper-resistant warning stickers and window stickers. Displaying these in your business premises and on your equipment will warn criminals that you have taken measures to make your assets traceable. The best form of defence is a strong deterrent and signage to let people know that your property is forensically marked puts a significant obstacle in the path of a potential criminal.

Register Your Code

The last step is to register your unique code on the police and insurance approved Secure Asset Register. This means that if you find yourself in the worst-case scenario and your property is stolen, police are far better equipped to retrieve your items and return them to you.

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Why We Use SelectaDNA In Sussex Security

Safeguard stock and essential items with Delta security services that include SelectaDNA marking. Allowing your equipment to be invisibility imprinted to carry a unique code, your items will be identifiable as belonging to you. Should your business be unfortunate enough to be targeted by thieves we’ll have made it a lot more difficult for them to move or sell your company assets. Get in touch to find out how we can use SelectaDNA marking together with our Sussex security services.

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