Mobile Security Patrols

Disrupt and deter criminal elements who may target your business. Our mobile patrols provide cost effective peace of mind for businesses in Brighton, Crawley and right across Sussex.

Mobile Security Patrols Crawley and Across Sussex

Mobile patrols from Delta Security Management provide a very efficient security check of premises when a full-time presence may be neither practical or cost-effective, but you may have concerns about opportunist criminal elements attempting theft, trespass, arson, vandalism or graffiti.

Any of these aspects of crime would have the potential to drastically affect your business productivity, image and profits and increase insurance premiums.

How do the mobile patrols work?

  • Our mobile patrol and response team attend the premises. Our security guards are fully uniformed and the vehicles are liveried and highly visible.
  • A full check of the external areas of the premises, checking windows, doors, gates and other vulnerable points is carried out.
  • The vulnerable points will have a swipeable RFID tag placed near them. This gives ‘proof of delivery’ through our patrol software system so you know we have attended, at what time and how long we were there for.
  • Any issues or concerns are reported on immediately.

Mobile patrols are generally used at night and at weekends when premises aren't open or are not staffed. The patrols are usually conducted randomly but can be provided at specific times if preferred. The patrols are specifically designed to:

  • Provide a random effective security presence at the most vulnerable times.
  • Provide a failsafe check of the premises security weak points such as windows, doors, gates and fences.
  • Effectively disrupt and deter any watching criminal elements or opportunist criminal elements in the area at that time.
  • Provide a fantastic cost-effective security solution.
  • Protect any type of premises such as factories, storage facilities, production premises, office premises and warehouses.
  • As a further level of deterrent Delta can provide site warning boards and window stickers.

Lock up/Unlock Services:

Tasking Delta Security Management to carry out your premises locking and unlocking ensures that these time-sensitive actions are carried out professionally, safely and on time, every time.

How does the Lock up/Unlock service work?

  • The patrol and response team attend your premises at your pre-agreed times.
  • A full external and internal check of the premises will be carried out, making sure all windows and doors are secured and turning off lights.
  • We will set the intruder alarm and secure entry/exit doors.
  • Any issues found can be reported on immediately.
  • We'll carry out the reverse procedure in the morning to unlock your premises ready for the day.

By utilising Delta Security Management and our experience in these areas you can be assured that:

  • Your key workers are removed from these potentially dangerous and vulnerable actions.
  • Your lock and unlock won't be affected by staff sickness, lateness or holiday.
  • Delta can be utilised to conduct weekend or out of hours attendance if emergency unlocks or lock ups are needed (handy when arranging urgent plumber visits or electricians)
  • Peace of mind knowing that your premises are attended by professionals every time.
  • We provide a quick and hassle-free set up.

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