School Security and Protection

Delivered by a dedicated Delta security team, with over 25 years’ experience in expert
security services and solutions, we ensure the greatest levels of security to schools across
Surrey and Sussex.

School Forensic Asset & Equipment Marking

Protect your schools vital equipment with our forensic marking service, utilising SelectaDNA. 

The Selecta DNA solution is applied to all vital and valuable items. We will also add a small sticker to the item to indicate it has been marked.

Details of these marked items are added to the secure Selecta DNA database.

Criminals view items marked with Selecta DNA as being too high risk to handle, plus if they’re caught with DNA marked items, then the property can be linked back to the owner quickly!

School Keyholding & Alarm Response

Protect your school, safeguard equipment and keep key staff out of danger and focused on education!

If your alarm activates, we’ll attend quickly and check your  school premises thoroughly. Our response team are highly visible, fully uniformed and will attend in a liveried and tracked vehicle.

If it’s a false alarm we will secure the school and send you a detailed report from the incident the next school day.

In the event of discovering any damage, or sign of fire or break-in, we will liaise with the relevant emergency service and initiate your bespoke escalation plan to let the relevant people know what’s happening. We will never leave your school exposed or insecure!

School Security Patrol

Protect your school after dark and at weekends, Bank Holidays and at half terms with an effective random security presence.

On patrol, we’ll carry out a full check of the external areas and double-check that windows, doors, gates, fences and other vulnerable points are secure. We’ll also ensure that no suspicious persons are hanging around as well!

We’ll use RFID tags on vulnerable points which we swipe when patrolling, giving your staff peace of mind that we’ve carried out our patrol.

Any issues or concerns regarding your school or any suspicious activity in the area are reported on immediately.

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