Delta boast a wealth of experience in all aspects of security management for businesses in Horsham and across the rest of Sussex. Our trained team offer a professional service in the following areas:

Security Guarding

If you’re looking for a professional manned security team to enhance the protection of your business, our Security Guarding services are the ideal solution. Our security guards are highly trained and can help improve the reputation of your business and provide peace of mind that your establishment is secure. From concierge and reception duties to carrying out ID checks and proactive patrolling, Delta guards can provide anything from retail security to static security for your Horsham business premises.

Keyholding & Response

Instead of relying on your staff to deal with out-of-hours alarm activations, leave Keyholding and Response in the capable hands of Delta. Our dedicated team of trained response professionals will provide a swift and comprehensive service for businesses in Horsham and the surrounding area, so whether you run a business in Swan Walk shopping centre or on the outskirts of Horsham, our team can respond to activations 24/7, 365 days a year.

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile patrols are effective in deterring criminals who may be targeting your Horsham business. Our security professionals will provide a thorough check of your premises when full-time guards aren’t practical or affordable, helping to prevent vandalism, graffiti or attempted theft. Delta will carry out a full check of the premises, including any vulnerable points of access, and we’ll report any concerns immediately so you’re always aware of any issues. As part of this service, we can also provide locking and unlocking services to ensure that this time-sensitive task is carried out in a timely and safe manner.

School Protection

Ensure that your school’s essential equipment is protected, and the premises are secure with our patrol and security services. We offer SelectaDNA equipment marking to deter thieves, as well as patrol and keyholding and alarm services to ensure that your school is fully protected. We can protect schools all over the Horsham area, from those in the centre of the town up to Roffey and the outskirts of Horsham, to give you and parents peace of mind that the school is completely secure and to maintain your school’s reputation.

For more information about the services we provide and how our security process work, get in touch with the team at Delta Security Management today.

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