The team at Delta provide a range of security services for businesses in Worthing and the surrounding area to protect your premises, staff and customers. The services we offer include:

Security Guarding

Whether you’re managing office premises, operating a retail business in the Montague Quarter shopping centre or the surrounding area, or you run a construction business in Worthing, our Security Guarding services can help prevent unauthorised access. Our team of security guards are trained, licensed and experienced to deliver professional security services, from monitoring access and carrying out ID checks to patrolling the premises to deter criminal activity. We’re well-presented to maintain your corporate image and incredibly reliable, to enhance your business’ defences and safeguard your property.

Keyholding & Response

Our Keyholding and Response services remove the need for your staff to handle out-of-hours alarm activations. Our experienced team will handle it on your behalf, making sure that any intruder or fire alarm activations are dealt with in a professional manner whatever the time of day or night, 365 days a year. We’re fully licensed by the Security Industry Authority and our services adhere to BS 7984-1 standards, so you can rest assured that your Worthing premises are in safe hands.

Mobile Security Patrols

Deter criminal activity with our Mobile Security Patrol services, which are the ideal solution if a full-time security presence isn’t practical for your business or doesn’t work with your budget. Our licensed operatives will check the premises via an effective random security presence, identifying any potential vulnerable spots and placing swipeable RFID tags near them so you can be sure we’ve attended and how long we were there for. We’ve worked with clients in a range of sectors, so whether you need a factory, storage facility, offices or retail spaces secured, our mobile patrolling services can work for you.

School Protection

Delta have 25 years’ experience in providing high-quality security solutions for schools, colleges and universities. We offer a range of security measures to protect your establishment, from SelectaDNA equipment marking to protect equipment and machinery to mobile patrolling to deter criminal activity and alarm activation response. Whether you’re managing a private school, or you need security measures in place for premises such as Northbrook Metropolitan College, our team can help secure your property.

Learn more about our security solutions for Worthing businesses and establishments by contacting the team at Delta Security Management – call or email us today.

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