Team Delta working hard for the local community

When I first started Delta I had a clear mission statement, and a very important part of that was about giving back to the communities in which we operate.

Let's be honest in saying that it looked great on paper but without action it was just part of an empty promise and in reality that helps nobody, and in fact I'll go a step further in saying that it would make us like many many other companies who promise very similar things and essentially don't come up with the goods, almost like a tick box exercise.

I'm really proud to update on a big project that myself and Kathy from Delta are working on alongside Natalie Campbell and Dan Armstrong. Collectively we make up Inspirecastle CIC.

Our initial aim way back was to help lobby local Councillors and MP's to try and reverse the decision to close the Millpond Adventure playground in Crawley. We did this in support of an initial petition raised by Natalie which, when handed to Crawley Borough Council, had over 4,000 signatures on it.

The playground was saved (albeit in a different guise) and, had we been sensible, we could have left it at that. Mission accomplished!

Well, not quite!

After looking at the existing building at the playground we decided that it would make an amazing local community hub. Ideas were bounced around between us and we decided to look at negotiating with the council to take on the lease for the building so we could make the hub a reality.

Our vision is for the Millpond Community hub to be a place that everyone can come to, meet and learn. With an emphasis on health and wellbeing the various rooms will be used by local activity groups with an aim to bring the community together.

We are aiming to have the hub open in early June

Take a look at the infographic which shows the amazing journey we have been on!

It's been an absolute pleasure to roll our sleeves up and get stuck into a project that will ultimately be a massive positive for the people of Crawley!