Delta Insights: The power of the panic button

We sat down with David Graffham, Founder of Delta Security, to talk about the power of the panic button and why he provides his team of superstars with one.

The team of experts at Delta Security Management are a 24/7 operation, offering mobile patrol and alarm response, static security guards, and a lock/unlock service to many businesses across the South East. Protecting and safeguarding stock, equipment, staff and businesses infrastructure is no easy task, and even the very best in the industry can require backup in a potentially dangerous situation.

Tell us a little more about the panic button and its purpose

Lightweight and compact, our smart safe panic buttons are issued to our patrol and response teams to give an extra layer of protection when out and about. Containing a SIM card, the button allows real peace of mind if confrontation or other dangerous situations arise, whereby the team requires further assistance.

We have a range of equipment and technology in place to ensure the safety of our team, and the panic button is at the heart of that reassurance. Worn on a lanyard, usually around the neck, this piece of equipment stays very close to the operative no matter what!

Why would your operatives need a panic button?

Whilst we have real-time vehicle tracking in place and body cameras for all operatives, we cannot rely on these alone. 

If our team were to carry out a patrol and a suspicious character was present, we approach with caution and a view to either ascertain the reason for being there or ask them to move on. If that person became confrontational, or physically threatening then it’s vital that our operative removes themselves from the situation, however, they could potentially be in a vulnerable position whereby they could not safely make it back to their vehicle. 

Whilst a body camera is worn to record the incident, and mobiles are carried, it’s at this stage we would encourage our operatives to use their panic button and call for further assistance from our operations room. 

What happens when the panic button is used?

Upon pushing the button, our operations team is notified immediately and a message is received with a link to a map, to locate the operative.

What if the operative needs to speak to the team urgently?

That’s covered too! Once the panic button has been pushed and the alert messages have been sent, the button automatically calls our emergency operations room and engages in a two-way voice call which enables us to ascertain the level of danger and whether an emergency response team is required. Our team can remain in constant communication until either the situation is resolved, our operative has made it to a safer location, or the emergency services are on site.

A small, simple, and versatile piece of kit, the panic button is one of the most effective and important additions to any security operatives safety, protection and reassurance. 

Now that you’ve seen a small snippet as to how we ensure your business is protected, whilst ensuring our team of highly skilled operatives remain safe, we’d love to share further advice and tips with your business. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for a free quote or advice about securing your business premises today by emailing us at