Delta Insights: Why vehicle tracking is vital

Tracking real time positioning of a vehicle is not only an important part of our clients’ service delivery plan, but it also provides our team of superstars with an added layer of safety. In the latest of our Delta Insights, we sat down with David, Founder of Delta Security Management, to find out a little more about the vehicle tracking software used by the team of Security & Patrol and Response officers at Delta.

What tracking software do you use?

We install TomTom Webfleet within all our vehicles which allows us to track our them in real time on a clear map view, either from a desktop or mobile phone application , whether they’re parked or on the go.

How does the tracking protect your team?

When we say we care about our team of superstars, we really do! The tracking gives us a robust layer of officer safety on a day by day, minute by minute basis. In the event of an incident, we could be required to pinpoint the officer’s location quickly, in order to provide backup or support and the use of Webfleet enables us to do this instantly and hassle free.

How do your clients benefit from Webfleet tracking?

We provide our clients with thorough and concise reporting in the event of a response call out, and the Webfleet tracking enables us to include ‘proof of delivery’ and incorporate the time attended, time on site and response time which all forms a vital part of the service we offer.

Has Webfleet improved your response call out times?

Absolutley. The software enables us to send messages and orders to the vehicle unit so the driver can see and respond to an alarm activation quicker than ever before. We’re able to see real time traffic information which not only helps with our response time but it also streamlines the communication process for both alarm activations and incident response.

What other benefits are there to Delta Security?

The Webfleet tracker processes driving data which allows us to reflect and react by amending driving routes and styles to reduce our emissions and the impact on the environment. The software enables us to check speed, harsh braking and harsh steering as well as idling time, so we certainly won’t be lining up at Silverstone!

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