Delta’s Top Tips for Office Security Management

Having security for your premises is and should be crucial to your company no matter what size or number of employees. Making sure that there are measures in place within your working environment means you’re guaranteeing the safety and protection of the office, staff, stock & equipment. This will also increase staff productivity and ensure everyday activities are uninterrupted and can go ahead as planned. Office security also means you’re complying with data protection laws and avoiding any regulatory issues. 

This blog post will cover Delta Security Management’s key tips which may help you rectify or enhance your office security. 

1. Undertake a Premises Risk Assessment:

In order to establish what security your premises needs, you must undergo a rigorous risk assessment of the premises. This may entail, overseeing the equipment used and the processes which are taken in the office, and understanding what may be a security risk. This is very much dependent on the nature of your business, but for instance, if you are a digital business, you would most likely possess expensive equipment, which may be a target for thieves. Therefore, risk assessments should out-turn various potential security hazards to which you’ll need to get implementations and strategies in place for. FYI - a good security management firm will provide a thorough risk assessment free of charge before quoting for any security service.

2. Implement and Inform:

Now you have your list of security hazards and have come up with strategies to implement, you will need to run this by your staff members. For example, if you have decided to implement an outsourced Keyholding and Alarm Response service, you will need to inform the office staff and the current keyholders would need to be stood down and would be provided with a report the day after an incident, if one were to occur.

3. Installing the Right Security:

The most obvious but important way to make sure your premises is secure and safe, is to invest in an industry-grade surveillance system. This will enable you to view the property from your home 24/7 and to capture footage of any criminal behaviour. Alternatively, hire an external Security Guarding or Mobile Patrol service, who do the monitoring and checking of the property for you (especially late at night), removing the stress and offering you complete peace of mind that your premises is in safe hands. Having your very own guards means they can interfere in possible conflicts or criminal activity and save your staff the hassle and sleepless nights.

To Conclude:

Having a robust security procedure in place is vital for the wellbeing of your staff and security of your premises and vital assets. From conducting risk assessments, to establishing strategies, to installing appropriate security - these steps will aid your office space to be the well-controlled and monitored environment it should be. With the suitable measures in place, you can be stress and worry free about any criminal activity, theft or suspicious behaviour. Your staff will thank you for it too!

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