Delta’s Top Tips to security post lockdown

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), initial findings from the telephone-operated UK Crime Survey for England and Wales (TCSEW) estimated a significant 32% reduction in total crime during April and May 2020 compared with a two-month average in the pre-lockdown period.

As lockdown restrictions begin to ease for the third time across the UK, there is understandable excitement about returning to pre-covid life, including the freedom of travel and office-based working. We sat down with David Graffham, Founder of Delta Security Management to hear his top tips about keeping your business premises secure post lockdown.

  1. Invest in a safe

The items most likely to be stolen in a burglary are small items that fit in pockets or holdalls, such as cash, cards and safety boxes, and these are the items that are often most valuable to your business! Installing a safe will ensure these items are far more secure than hiding possessions in predictable places like drawers.


  1. DNA Asset Marking

Protect your vital business equipment and stock with forensic DNA asset marking. SelectaDNA uses synthetic DNA, UV markers and microdots to fully protect items from theft and is the ultimate theft and burglary deterrent as it ensures your assets are too hot to handle!


  1. Improve door and window locks, don’t leave windows open!

If possible, keep valuable items out of sight, and make sure you have secure locks for your employee’s safety. We can recommend a range of locksmiths and types of locks to ensure your assets are secure, or alternatively, we offer a lock/unlock service to ensure the safe handling and storage of your keys.


We also recommend notifying your insurers if you decide to change your locks. 


  1. Install security cameras

If you want to add an extra level of security, the team at Delta Security Management recommend installing security cameras. Monitoring activity, alerting us to any suspicious goings-on and even pre-empting break-ins, enables not only our team of experts to attend the site immediately, but it also allows us to catch the culprits in the act!


  1. Install a monitored alarm

Invest in a fully-fledged security system. Unmonitored alarms act as an alert rather than being connected to call centres. Opportunists will pick up on this!


Our dedicated, professional and specifically trained response team will attend any activations at your property, to B.S. 7984-1 standard. We’ll escalate an emergency to the correct emergency services and even send you a full report the following working day.


  1. Install outside lights

Consider adding some security lights outside for when it gets dark in the evenings or early mornings. Movement-sensitive lights will help deter thieves but won't disturb neighbours unduly. Ask yourself, if you were a burglar, would you want to be in the spotlight?


  1. Plant help

If possible, let nature lend a helping hand in creating an effective anti-burglar boundary, especially around any side access points. Stocking up on 'defensive' plants or fences can help create an impenetrable barrier that most burglars won't want to entertain.


Our security services to protect your premises, assets and staff include:

  • Security Guarding
  • Keyholding & Alarm Response
  • Mobile Patrol
  • School Protection Service

To get advice on optimising your security to protect your business with remote monitoring or to get a quote for any of our security monitoring services, simply give us a call on 0333 4567 575 or email us at