It's in our DNA

Why do we choose the products we choose to enhance our services to our clients?

The simple answer to this is that they have been tried and tested and provided consistently excellent results, and, most importantly, they solve a big problem!

One such product that we actively use and offer is Selecta DNA.

What is Selecta DNA?

Selecta DNA is a unique product produced by Selectamark Security Systems plc.

It consists of a liquid adhesive that contains 3 vital ingredients to help protect your assets:

1. A unique synthetic DNA code is contained in the product.

2. It also contains microdots with a unique code printed on them,

3. Selecta DNA also contains an ultraviolet tracer that will show up under a UV light, to help identify the asset as marked with the product.

4. Handy visual warning stickers are also provided to highlight the product has been used on valuable items.

The liquid formula is applied to all valuable items with a swab and it helps to give a level of protection to items such as laptops, TV’s smartphones, cameras and valuable jewellery, in fact pretty much any valuable item can be protected with the formula.

Information on your items is then uploaded to the secure asset register (you can include photos, receipts and invoices for insurance purposes) The information provided to the database can prove ownership of the items, increase chances of returning lost or stolen property and help Police prove theft and convict criminals.

Why would I use it for my business?

When applied to valuable items, it effectively makes them too hot to handle to criminals!

Let’s look at it this way: Criminals HATE DNA evidence. It scares them because it is generally an irrefutable link between them and a particular crime and this link is even stronger when utilising Selecta DNA and the secure asset register.

As an example, albeit not a nice example, but let’s go with this:

Your business is broken into, and criminals have come to help themselves to your valuable assets. Let’s say some laptops, a couple of televisions and some expensive tools specific and vital to your business operation. With Selecta DNA on these items, the criminals are taking a big chance by stealing them in the 1st place. If they are caught with the items at this stage, then they will be linked with the break in at your business and securing a conviction will be highly increased because of this link.

Should the criminals try and sell these items on, the likelihood is they will find it very hard to shift them, because nobody along the handling chain will risk being caught with marked items, for the same reason. It links them to a specific crime scene.

So, these criminals can’t sell on the items. They’ve become a liability to their freedom. So, they dump the items.

The Police find the items that have been dumped. They look like the things that you reported as stolen but how do we know for definite. Well, they’ll simply check the items for the formula (assuming the warning stickers have been removed!)It will show up under UV light. They can then take a sample of the formula to check for the DNA code and microdot code. Once this has been confirmed the Police can then log onto the secure asset register and link the items to you, and return them to you!

What if the items aren’t recovered? Then the images, receipts and information provided on the secure asset register can be shared with your insurance company to expedite any claim for the losses or replacement items, and speed is required when trying to replace vital tools and tech that your business relies on to run smoothly.

Why would Selecta DNA make criminals think twice about burgling my business?

Just as we gave an example before, criminals are looking for an easy target. By using Selecta DNA, you are making your valuable equipment too hot to handle for these criminals. It provides you with a massive deterrent factor, and when used alongside a well planned security strategy it is priceless. Criminal elements will simply think twice about targeting your business and move on to a much softer target.

The product plays a massive part in deterring crime. Police and local community initiatives testing the product had seen a reduction in burglary, a staggering reduction of up to 83% in some areas.

I love the idea of this product, but I don’t have time to mark all of the valuable assets at my business, let alone add them to the secure asset register! Sounds like a hassle!

Contact Delta. We provide a dedicated marking service for this amazing security solution, making sure that all items are marked properly and uploaded to the security asset register with good quality images and full information.

This service saves you a significant amount of time and gives you peace of mind that your items are well looked after.

Where can I get Selecta DNA from?

Selecta DNA kits can be purchased through Delta Security Management (offering a seriously competitive price compared to the Selecta DNA website!)

Get in touch for prices of our dedicated marking service (it really is worth it to save you a lot of time and hassle!)

Alternatively, kits are available on the Selecta DNA website.