Keeping your business premises safe and secure is key

Having access to your business premises each day is crucial from both a financial and security point of view. We often take for granted that putting your key in the door will allow you to open your place of work and carry on with a business as usual approach. In the latest of our Delta Insights, our Founder David sat down with Dan from local business RLM Locksmiths to find out a little more about why utilising a reliable locksmith is vital to running any business.

When would a business require a locksmith?

Whether it's a snapped key, an attempted break-in or a lock that has just come to the end of its life, a door not opening can hugely affect any business. Believe it or not, these incidents do occur, and it's often when you're least expecting it; we see it all the time.

How can a business be prepared for such an incident?

The worst thing you can do is panic and pick the first locksmith that comes up on Google. The chances are they won't be local, so this will affect the time to resolve the incident and subsequently your loss of earnings even further. Think ahead and plan for these situations. 

We recommend finding an excellent local locksmith and store their number on your phone. Make sure they have great reviews and come highly recommended by like-minded businesses. Build a relationship so you can rely on them when and if the time comes, maybe invite them down to your premises to do a quick security check. 

How much of a financial impact is there on a business that cannot access its premises?

Time is money, and getting help quickly is essential to keeping your losses to a minimum. A business that cannot operate will lose hours of productivity, and you'll be paying staff for waiting around while you find a locksmith. Or you could be a hairdresser with paying customers waiting outside. They could cancel or rearrange, impacting your loss of earnings that day. Whatever your business, you can't afford to have the door closed when you should be open.

Why is it crucial to pick the right locksmith, and what should we look out for?

A good locksmith will be able to advise how you can improve your security. For example, ask yourself, when was the last time you changed your locks? Who has keys to your office, shop or warehouse? This may include an ex-employee or an ex-business partner you no longer want to access your premises.

There are also your valuable company assets to consider; computers, stock, equipment that are potentially worth thousands of pounds. Therefore, address any faulty locks as soon as possible, so you don't end up being financially out of pocket.  

Now that you've seen a small snippet about how our partners recommend ensuring your business is prepared for such an incident, we'd love to share further advice and tips with you. So, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for a free quote or advice about securing your business premises today by emailing us at and, of course, for any locksmith needs contact RLM locksmiths on