Schools Out For Easter: Update Your School Security

Now that students have broken up for the Easter holidays, this may be a great time to examine your current security protocols. You may want to assess whether or not you should consider implementing new strategies and structures to guarantee the protection of your building, your assets and any pupils and staff. Below are our recommendations on how you can keep your school safe at all times.

  1. Install CCTV

This fact may seem obvious but this is so often overlooked. It's vital that the school can catch all activities on camera. If there is suspicious behaviour, as much visual information must be captured. So ensuring any CCTV cameras are all working efficiently whilst the pupils are away is a top priority.

  1. Ensure the Premises are Fenced and Gated

It is vital that any school is fenced and gated. This level of security ensures that anyone entering and leaving the premises is recognised and granted.

Make use of the Easter break by making sure that you do a routine check and implement a system of including regular checks all year round, as the weather may have damaged or altered the appearance and longevity of the structures.

  1. Employ Security Personnel / Patrol

A security guard should always patrol the school gate to access those coming in and out of the premises. Random security checks are also advised to ensure the property is protected outside of school hours.

Employing our school security patrol, means that you will be provided with a practical, random security presence. Essentially, we carry out full checks of the external areas and verify that windows, doors, gates, fences and other vulnerable areas are secure. We also ensure that there is no suspicious activity taking place.

  1. Authorise Everyone Entering The Building

To ensure your school is as safe as possible, ensure that you have guest badges to distinguish visitors coming in and out of the building as legitimate and avoid any suspicious activity.

  1. Protect The Equipment

The safety of the students and staff is vital, but protecting the schools' assets and equipment is also important. Over the Easter period, it is worth taking advantage of the pupils' absence by implementing our forensic marking service - SelectaDNA, which will protect your expensive and valuable school equipment.

The solution is applied to all vital items, alongside a small sticker to indicate that it has been marked. Details of these marked items are added to the secure SelectaDNA database.

Criminals view items marked with SelectaDNA as  too high risk, and if they are caught with DNA marked items,  they can be linked back to the owner quickly and efficiently.

  1. Employ a Keyholding & Alarm Response Service

Finally, employing a keyholding and alarm response service is a highly advised measure to further ensure your school's safety, safeguard equipment, and keep key staff out of danger.

Our rapid and efficient team will arrive at your premises and check it thoroughly if your alarm activates. Our response team is highly trained and visible and will attend in a liveried and tracked vehicle.

If it is a false alarm, we will secure the school and provide a detailed report the very next day. If you discover any damage, break-in or sign of fire, we will liaise with the relevant emergency service for you and initiate your bespoke escalation plan.

We will under no circumstances leave your school exposed or insecure!

If you are in need of any other tips for School Security, feel free to get in touch with us here: