Shine a light on security hazards with outdoor lighting

Security lighting can protect your office, staff, stock & equipment from any potential opportunists by illuminating the area and deterring potential security hazards. Security lighting works best in tandem with other security measures, as it can help identify any criminals by creating a clearer image on a security camera. Criminals will target the easiest and low-risk locations, so you are already highly reducing your chances of becoming a target by using security lighting.

Where to place your security lighting

The location of your lighting is critical as placed incorrectly, you could cast a shadow onto the intruders face. Doors are one of the most popular access points for criminals, so above or to the side of any entry is a great place to locate your lighting. 


Another great tip is to assess your office in low light, highlight any dark corners or areas around your office, and attach lights there; you want to make sure everything in the property is easily noticeable and illuminated.


Different types of lights


Motion sensor: This style of light is one of the most popular as it can catch opportunists off guard, and potential intruders cannot plan when they will come on. You can choose security lights with different distance sensors so you can find the perfect one for your location. They also save energy as they aren’t constantly shining light. 


Floodlights: This style emits a vast and powerful beam of light, excellent for entrances and large expanses of space. Make sure to custom set the time, so they aren’t easy to predict and change with the seasons.


Spotlights: These create a narrow light beam, great for small areas you want to highlight or narrow paths around your premises.


Wall-mounted lamps: These are usually powered by a mains supply and work well next to doors or windows; again it’s best to create a custom time schedule so they aren’t easily predictable. 


LED: You can also get LED security lights that can last longer and save energy but have dimmer lights.


The intensity of the light can be something to take note of; Building Regulations suggest outdoor lighting should be a maximum of 150W. However, the placement of the security light can be more effective than brightness. 


If you are worried about the cost of installing security lighting, you can in fact save money by installing them. The protection they cause can be much less than the damage and losses an intruder can create. Also, you can save on insurance premiums by having a certain level of security. Contact the team today to discuss your security requirements on