Delta Insights: The benefits of a certified camera

Protecting and safeguarding stock, equipment, staff and businesses infrastructure can often be a rewarding task, especially when you catch the culprit in the act! So, we sat down with David, Founder of Delta Security Management, to find out a little more about the versatile body cameras used by the team of Security & Patrol and Response officers at Delta.

How can the camera be worn?

The body worn camera offers a number of solutions in protecting our operatives and our clients’ businesses. It's versatile design means it can be designed to be worn in a number of ways. It can be fitted to the chest area with a bespoke strap, attached to clothing, or attached to a holding dock on a patrol vest.

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Why do you use the camera, and what are the advantages of having it?

We use the body camera footage as it instantly produces a clear recorded version of an event that can be used as evidence. Our teams find it particularly useful when conducting the following duties:

  1. Conducting a patrol and finding damage or graffiti
  2. Under the threat of violence
  3. When responding to an alarm activation 
  4. Whilst conducting staff searches on behalf of a client 

What else can you use the footage for?

Having the camera footage is easier to refer to when producing incident reports or statements. During an incident where recall of events and descriptions diminishes or in multi-person or multi-site incidents, it's simply not possible for a person to see, hear or remember all aspects of an incident. The footage is an excellent tool for recall and confirmation of actions.

When do you use the footage?

All relevant footage is presented to the emergency services or client should it be required in the event of disruption and stored in a safe environment. We also use some of the incident footage for in-house training sessions and assessments to help highlight correct procedures or correct processes.

Do you inform the public they’re being recorded?

The camera has a bright warning on the front to let people know that the ability to record events is present. However, we do  not disclose whether the camera is switched on as this could often change or influence the behaviour of a potential threat.

Now that you’ve seen a small snippet about how we ensure your business is protected, we’d love to share further advice and tips with your business. So, contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for a free quote or advice about securing your business premises today by emailing us at