The importance of office security measures

Placing a robust level of security within the workplace is vital to ensuring your employees feel safe and your assets are secure. Our latest blog looks into what type of security is most beneficial in the workplace and why.

The team at Delta Security Management live and breathe security. Your office is home to your most valuable information, technology and assets that ensure your business runs like clockwork. While insurance can ‘protect’ your items in terms of monetary value, they aren’t genuinely protected without some sort of security.

We recommend ensuring your employees feel they have a safe working environment to go about their daily duties; without this, it’ll be almost impossible to run a successful business. Give your employees key-card access to the building and office space so strangers cannot just walk into the workplace. It’s also recommended to have secure parking facilities on site that can only be accessed using a key or code.

We also recommend ensuring that your confidential paperwork and small equipment, such as laptops and mobile phones, are locked away in secure filing cabinets, not just for potential intruders, but to ensure that the information contained in them remains confidential to fellow employees.

When it comes to CCTV monitoring, this is a crucial element to your office security measures as they add another layer of protection that captures what happens inside and outside of your workplace, whether the premises are occupied or not. Installing CCTV through a good security monitoring service will make your employees feel safer.

We firmly believe that your employees are one of the most essential pieces in the jigsaw for your workplace security. As a responsible employer, we recommend asking your employees what makes them feel safe in the workplace, what can you do better to ensure they feel comfortable, and whether they have any suggestions or recommendations to consider.

In larger organisations, perhaps where employees aren’t familiar with all of the premises or employees, security guards can be a useful option. Placing them at the entrance of the building will not only stop potential intruders from entering, it will also create an alert should someone or something be of danger. Trained guards know what to do to alleviate a potential threat.

Here are a few simple tips to keep your workplace secure at all times:

  1. Double-check that all windows and doors are locked. We recommend ensuring your alarm system monitors these as well. You should turn it on whenever the property is vacant.
  1. Keep a list of who has access to what in the workplace and frequently update it. Investing in a reliable access control programme will let you see who has come and gone at what times.
  1. Provide your employees with basic security training to avoid tailgating, how to spot suspicious behaviour and when to report something.

Efficient security in the workplace comes from within, which means that confidentiality policies will ensure all employees, from management to lower-level employees,  follow the same rules.

In addition to keeping regulations up-to-date and enforced, your employees should know about your emergency action plan. While frequent training and drills can be useful so employees know what to do in the case of an emergency, it's also advisable to remind your employees to stay alert in the workplace at all times.

At Delta Security Management, our team are committed to making your security our business. Our highly trained experts are dedicated to ensuring your employees, workplace, and assets remain safe. To learn more about our services or how we can protect your workplace, get in touch via