The key to security success at the G7 summit

As the G7 summit arrives in Cornwall in June 2021, it’s not a reason to be alarmed, nor should we doubt the extensive planning and preparation which will go into the 47th summit.

We asked David Graffham, our founder (who has over 25 years’ experience in the industry) what his top tips were for safely welcoming and delivering a global event to the south-west coast.

David said, “With leaders from the G7 nations, along with guests from Australia, India and South Korea, there’s bound to be a lot of focus in the media, around security, tourism and the economy. The element of security is a major operation in which planning will no-doubt be well underway to ensure the highest security, response and policing are available, without affecting the local police resources in Cornwall”.

When planning such an event, it’s important to follow Delta Security’s Top Tips for success:

Planning and risk assessment

It’s vital that there’s a firm and concise security plan in place that considers potential risks, the consequences and the likelihood that any incidents could occur. With the event lasting three days, accommodation and overnight security needs to be considered, along with the high-profile attendees and significant media interest and presence. It’s recommended that a security budget is put in place for a highly visible and well-trained team, who can operate to the highest standard to ensure safety for all.

The security team

The key to successful security begins with the team, and here at Delta, we only employ trusted and reliable superstars, willing to go above and beyond to protect their assets, and the team at the G7 summit should be no different. 

Devon and Cornwall’s police force will already be working closely with the Government and partner agencies on in-depth plans and preparations to ensure the best team is available to deliver a safe and secure event for everyone, while maintaining existing local policing services.

Controlling access

One of the primary functions of event security is controlling who is allowed to go where. It’s important that perimeters are established, providing tighter rings of security, to those who require it most. It is recommended a designated area for the media is set up, with RFID access made available to those who require it. The police and security teams will be responsible for the safety of the G7 leaders, security of the venue and ensuring the local area remains operational.

Staff welfare

Our team of superstars at Delta Security are provided with everything they need to do their jobs successfully and this is an important factor to staff welfare at the G7 summit too.  Looking after the security team, is something which can be forgotten at large scale events, however transportation, parking, food and beverages, access to restrooms and any necessary security equipment should all be elements which are built into the planning and development phase of the event. Without our team, we wouldn’t have the reputation we carry, and it’s important to ensure they are well looked after.

Remaining informed

Information is critical to event security and can often be forgotten. The basics such as what items are prohibited, where can tourists visiting the area park their cars, and key timings should also be considered and communicated to business owners and local residents in the area. The police and security teams not only have to ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time, but they also have to monitor what information is sent out by the press, which can be a difficult job in itself. 

It’s also important to recognise that Visit Cornwall estimates the county will make around £50 million, with the summit providing a boost to tourism and the area's international profile in the long term. This is another factor, which should also be considered when planning the event, and how security and policing remains essential in the months following the summit.

Now that you’ve seen an insight into how Delta Security recommends a global event is planned, organised and patrolled, we’d love to share our advice with your business and asses your requirements. You can contact our friendly and knowledgeable team for a free quote or advice by emailing us at