Why do ex-service people make good security guards?

Finding work after service can be challenging for many veterans. However, the security industry provides a stellar opportunity and working environment. Many of the skills and responsibilities they would have learned are applicable in the security industry, making them excellent candidates for these roles. This article will look at five reasons ex-service people make good security guards.

1. Disciplined Attitude 

Having a military background requires a disciplined attitude. The training and routines these individuals have gone through are undeniably more rigorous and extensive than any other training. Being disciplined translates into any other job, especially if it revolves around security. A disciplined individual will be able to make the correct decisions in high-pressure situations, knowing best how to handle an issue. Their discipline can be a breath of fresh air and can stir a disorganised team into a disciplined, hardworking one. 

2. Experience Working in a Team

The ability to work in and lead a team is invaluable. Ex-servicemen and women have this in abundance. Working within a team is something instilled from training through to active duty. Many ex-service people have had the opportunity to lead small and large teams, which provides an excellent platform for them to grow further in your security team. It may be the case that your existing team lacks a leader. Who better to lead your team than someone who has lived security! 

3. Specific Skills

As you can imagine, joining the armed forces provides very specific skills that are hard to gain elsewhere. These skills will widely vary from physical to mental skills, desirable to any employer. These individuals have gained experience with several facets of security that will include essential skills such as engineering, ICT and construction. Their experience in utilising these skills will be second to none, making them stand out as candidates to reinforce your team. The wide variety of skills on display will benefit your team and your clients. 

4. Extensive Training Suitable to Security

As we began to mention, the training an ex-service individual has received is extensive. They will be able to tick off the qualities you look for in a security guard with ease. When handling a security concern, there’s nobody better than a trained individual who has been put through their paces in risk scenarios. Their training would have included key security characteristics such as firearms, protocols and procedures. The world-class training they have received enables them to train other members of your team to a superior standard too.

5. Reliable Background and Persona 

Hiring someone for a security position will mean you require someone reliable, dependable and trustworthy. This is especially true if you’re looking after a big client and want to give them peace of mind. For someone to have been in the military, they would’ve had to pass several background checks. These background checks are thorough and accessible to you, the employer. That being the case, you will clearly see who you’re hiring.

Coming back from service can be a difficult change of scenery. Suppose we’re able to support ex-service people by providing employment in an industry in which they can thrive. In that case, we can do our part as a community to look after them. 

We are proud to support our veterans and offer them the opportunity to work for a great security company. Learn more about our team (link to meet the team) and how we can help your business stay secure (link to services pages.) If you have any additional questions or concerns, please reach out to us at: info@deltasm.co.uk