Your mission should you choose to accept it...

What’s your mission?

For me, it’s all about helping and improving!

I set out the mission statement for Delta Security Management in early 2018 and for me it had to encompass the three things that I felt very passionately about. They are the foundations. The solid base on which the business is built. They are:

• Really looking after our clients. Genuinely and constantly.

• Taking care of the team. Like a family.

• Putting back into the community that helps us make a living.

Granted, the first seems like the most obvious of obviously obvious statements! Of course you should look after your clients! Well, here’s a heads up about the Security Industry: It’s had a ‘chequered’ image shall we say.

Despite the S.I.A and numerous forward-thinking service providers and related organisations making fantastic efforts to straighten things out, there are still many entities out there just grabbing the money and giving a very very crap service. Truly. We’ve mopped up after a few and it’s hard graft to regain the trust broken by someone else!

The second is really personal to me. I’ve worked for a number of companies over my 25 years in the industry. Been treated like crap by a good few. Broken promises. Messed around with shifts. Shafted out of money etc etc etc!

Now I really value loyalty, and none more so than within our team. It is given and it is expected. Like all families, sometimes we’ll disagree. But ultimately, we have each other’s backs! And just imagine how that links to the first point above! A team treated the absolutely right way is going to radiate into service provision. A client will notice a happy operative or team and it will help to build the all-important trust between us all. It will reflect in all areas of work (and personal life as well hopefully).

Lastly, putting something back into the community that helps us make a living:

For me it has never been about taking the money and running! There are people out there that need our help and if we are fortunate enough to earn local money then we have a big responsibility to help locally too.

The main bulk of our business is regional and primarily around 90% of our business comes from within a 30-mile radius of our operations centre. With that in mind, I wanted to support 2 local charities within that same radius. And when I say support, I don’t just mean financially. Time support is just as important.

All of our Delta team members have a volunteer leave allowance (currently 10 days) which they are actively encouraged to use towards causes close to their hearts or to help support our good causes locally.

My mission and values are part of what makes me who I am today, and that is wholeheartedly reflected in the way I run my business.

So, tell me, and I honestly am really very interested to hear about this, how does your ‘mission’ align with your vales and how you run your business? Please do drop me a line!